Hi, I’m Shelton.

I’m a copywriter and creative director who provides expert development and execution of advertising / marketing communications activities and strategies to maximize awareness, positively influence sales, and promote products and services. In other words, I come up with engaging ideas that sell.

Whether creating branding campaigns for State Farm, shopper-marketing programs for Dannon, experiential events for Amex, or videos for non-profit organizations, I help clients connect with people on an emotional level with messages that cut through the clutter and get remembered.

My expertise includes, but isn’t limited to: shopper marketing, B2C and B2B advertising, minority-targeted advertising, social media, TV / video / radio scripts and production, emails, webpages, presentations, and experiential events / displays.

Need a copywriter that can help tell your company’s story through any medium from :30 TV spots, email blasts, and websites to print ads or digital ads, OOH, radio, and social posts? I can help with that.

Need an effective shopper marketing program with sales-driving activations, turnkey retail toolkits, and fun events? I can help with that.

Need a copywriter that solves business problems by any creative means (or channel) necessary? Check out the Dannon, State Farm and Raid campaigns, among others.

Need compelling solutions that connect with your target’s heart as well as their mind? I can help with that. Check out what I did with Delta/Amex, Walgreens, Scott and Toastmasters.

Got a difficult social subject to tackle? I can help with that. Take a look at work done for the Black Chamber of Commerce, ACORN, and Project Vote.

And if you happen to need a creative director who inspires young and not-so-young team members to open a fresh can of Creative Whoop A#$ on a daily basis, I can help with that too.

Just email me or give me a call.

Thanks for stopping by.